Planting Seeds For A Great Marriage

reapsowI am trying my hand at gardening.  It has been so fun to plant a wide variety of seeds, water them, and make sure sunlight is abundant.  My favorite part is witnessing the green sprout that pokes through the soil after many days of waiting patiently for them to burst!

The Lord has been using my experience with gardening to reveal to me just how closely it relates to marriage and family.  I recommend you jump on over to The Better Mom to read more on this revelation God gave to me about planting the right kind of seeds.  Basically it is about how everyone has the freedom of choice to plant either good seed or bad seed – determinate by behavior.

Every choice we make is a seed planted into the family garden.   

The photo above is a picture of my first bean bush growing! Whoo-Hoo!

My Family Garden – The Better Mom

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