Our Family Is Growing: Baby #5 Is Almost Here

Aaron and I are eager to meet and hold our 5th child who is due in March. Finding out the news we are expecting again and experiencing this pregnancy has been exciting and challenging all at the same time. 

Being in the trenches and learning how to manage life while discipling four little children has been a growth opportunity for us, especially as we pursue homeschooling. Each child has added another layer to the learning curve, noise to the atmosphere, and love like we never thought we could experience. So finding out we will have a fifth was a bit of a shock, but not a surprise. 

Aaron and I get asked often if we have a set number of children we are aiming for with our family. Whenever asked we always look adoringly at each other and smile. No, we don’t have a number, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we will continue at this pace for the next decade. We are on the same page as far as trusting God, His timing, and we like to answer with…”We will take each gift of a pregnancy one at a time.” We see children as a blessing and we are humbled that God has entrusted these children to us. 

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The conversation between a husband and a wife of having children is an intimate one, a necessary one. There is some incredible heart work that God can do in us if we open up and share honestly with each other about the joys, pains, fears, insecurities, and everything in between when it comes to having children. A conversation that doesn’t stop, but grows even with our children. We have come to appreciate those conversations with one another, usually late at night curled up in bed, when the house is eerily quiet. Those moments help us know and understand each other in a deeper way and gives us insight into how God reaches us and teaches in different ways and at different times. Those moments also give us the opportunity to encourage one another and to pray together. 

Our family is growing, and just like the anticipation of a garden harvest after months of planting seeds, watering, weeding, and just enjoying the slow growth, we look to the future with hopeful expectation of the incredible fruitfulness of our family. We also look forward to the many deep-hearted conversations with one another that we know are ahead of us, about our children, our parenting, and well, all that God is doing in this world.   

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