MAG 014: Ordinary People With Extraordinary Marriages


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[Aaron] And today we’re in part 14 of the Marriage After God series and we’re gonna be talking with Sean and Katie Ferrell about having an extraordinary marriage. Welcome to the Marriage After God podcast where we believe that marriage was meant for more than just happily ever after.

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[Jennifer] Okay, so today we have our friends, Sean and Katie Ferrell. We just wanna say, hi guys, thanks for joining us today.

Hey there.

Hey! We’re super excited to be here.

[Jennifer] Awesome. Well, just to let everyone else know who’s listening who you are, how many children you have, what you do, all of that awesome stuff. Go for it.

[Katie] So I’m Katie Ferrell.

[Sean] And I’m Sean Ferrell.

[Katie] And we were married for about 10 years. It will be 10 years this August. And we have one daughter, she’s almost two. Her name is Madelaine. And we work together from home doing a website called Dashing Dish which is basically a ministry that really focuses on caring for our bodies God’s way as well as nutritious recipes and workouts and all the good stuff that really hones in on living a healthy lifestyle God’s way.

[Aaron] This is one of the reasons why we wanted to interview you guys is because you together do this and I know that Dashing Dish is mostly your face Katie but Sean you have a big part in this, right?

[Sean] Yeah, yeah. So I actually pretty much almost everyday working on the graphic side of Dashing Dish’s marketing. So I spend my time doing blog post images, new website designs, new app designs, anything that she needs, I try to give to her right away so…

[Aaron] So you guys are a team it’s awesome. And that’s one of the things we love about you guys is because you do it together. We do what we do together and you just remind us a lot of us and we wanted to use your story today to help encourage those listening.

[Jennifer] Well actually, to clarify, we share you guys’ story in this chapter of Marriage After God which we appreciate you guys sharing with us. We won’t dive in too much into too much detail ’cause we want people to go read the book but we are gonna share some extra stuff today that will be inspiring and encouraging and I think we should start with the icebreaker.

[Aaron] Yeah. So the icebreaker question for you guys is… One second. So the icebreaker question is what is your favorite life hack?

[Katie] Oh it’s so funny ’cause we were going back and forth and we’re creating all kinds of funny answer for this and we’re like well definitely our daughter’s pacifier is a life hack because it saved us

Yes it is.

time and time again whenever we’re in public. That’s just a general life hack when you have one girl. No, but for real, honestly, we don’t wanna sound like we’re coming off fake or like, you know, we’re just perfect people but truly our life hack is setting our alarm and waking up early and spending time with the Lord and I call it a life hack because

That’s a good one.

we know that we would not be able to do anything that we’re doing without that. I’m a morning person. Sean is not. So this was something that was definitely not natural for him but he realized pretty early on when we had a newborn that he had to set his alarm and he had to make that time because the day just gets away from you. So we wake up before, you know, while it’s still dark out. We make coffee and we get right into the Word in our own separate rooms.

[Aaron] That’s awesome. That’s a good life hack.

[Jennifer] Yeah, it’s practical but it’s also… It feeds the spiritual sides of things which is what we need to be at. Like you said, to do the things that we need to do. So with God.

[Aaron] Yeah and just being at… Just normal, without children, we need to be able to walk in the spirit. But with kids, we definitely need to walk in the spirit. So activating that early in the morning is super important. What we’re gonna do is this chapter that we’re talking about… So we’ve been doing this series and every episode’s been on every chapter in the book. So this chapter, we tell a bunch of stories from what we call ordinary people doing extraordinary things because there’s really no extraordinary people in the world. There’s just ordinary people that do extraordinary things that they say yes to God and God uses the things that he’s given them. So we wanted to read a quote from that chapter and then we’ll get into the questions with you guys. It’s from chapter 14 and it says this. “Exposing how God is at work in the world “reminds us of who God is and what “can be done when we say yes to Him.”

[Jennifer] So I love this quote and to me it’s saying, you know, all of our yeses to God are really impactful and when we get the chance to share our story and share what he’s done in us and through us that testimony inspires other people and encourages them so that was one of the reasons why we decided to share other people’s stories in this chapter including your guys’ and again, we just wanna say thank you for doing that.

[Aaron] Yeah. And then the other thing is, there’s often this, and we can talk about this a little bit later but there’s this sense that unless we are in some sort of specific ministry, unless we have this specific giftings or talents that we see other people have, we might feel like we’re not, you know, useful to God. We might feel like we don’t have anything special to be used or you know, we don’t have these special gifts. Or we don’t have this website or this ministry or this, you know, big audience, whatever thing we wanna compare ourselves to that might keep us from stepping into thing that God does have for us. Again, which is why we shared other people’s stories, not just our own is because we believe that every single person of the body of Christ, every single marriage in the body of Christ God wants to use and must be used. It’s a part of His body. Every part has been given a gift and has been given something to be done for Him. And so we wanted let everyone listening know that this means you also. So it’s not just for Jennifer and I and it’s not just for Sean and Katie. It’s not for all the other people that we’ve done these interviews with only. It’s for everyone. Just a precursor why we’re doing this episode and why we wrote this chapter specifically. Jennifer, why don’t you start with the first question.

[Jennifer] Okay, so how do you guys see the contrast of how the world defines what is extraordinary and how God sees extraordinary.

[Sean] Yeah, I think… We were going over this and I thought, you know, it was interesting that you phrased it like that because when I think of something that’s extraordinary, I see the creation around us. I see, you know, all these amazing, you know, landscapes and sunrise and sunsets and just things that God created that’s extraordinary to me but I started thinking more of like you know, the people around us were doing all the little things that God, you know, that they’re saying yes to God. And I kept thinking, you know, what we’re doing, sometimes it feels mundane and feels like everyday you’re kinda doing the same thing maybe like Groundhog’s Day but we know we’re producing something hopefully that’s extraordinary in someone else’s life and hopefully, it’s making an impact of a change in different ways and whether it’s health or food or you know, getting free from wrong mindsets or–

[Katie] And even just like–

[Sean] Yeah, yeah, like that.

[Katie] And even just in being parents. I mean sometimes it can just feel like Sean said, like Groundhog’s Day. You’re doing the same thing, routine everyday. But just knowing that we’re raising the next generation for kingdom of God and how powerful and extraordinary that is but we really believe that what God says it’s extraordinary is people, relationships, and how he’s created everyone of us so incredibly unique with a personal fingerprint that no one else has. And yet, you look around and what does the world says extraordinary. It’s so different. They exalt fame. Status.

[Sean] Salary.

[Katie] You know, followers, money, all of that. And yet, that is just simply so shallow. I’ve been around and seen those things so up close and yet I see those people that don’t know the Lord and it seems like they have everything and yet they truly are empty when you really get to talking with them and so just having a full life and really seeing the extraordinary things really is brought out by knowing the Lord and what his plan and purpose is for your individual life and walking that out.

[Aaron] Love that. Yeah, it makes me think of, you know, money. And I think in James when it talks about… When James is talking to the rich in the church, the wealthy. And he says, “remember that’s your humiliation.” And then he talks about the porn. He says, “you’re gonna be exalted.” And there’s this oppositeness. This reverse economy that we see in God’s kingdom. Not that it’s bad to have wealth. It’s all in where our hearts are at and whose is it. Is it ours or is it God’s? Are stewarding it or are we owning it?

[Jennifer] And who gets the glory for it.

[Aaron] And who gets the glory for it. I love you mentioned the small things, Sean. We think there’s small things. Especially in a world currently that is so anti-children. This is just one topic in the world’s views. Anti-children. And the children are not just our future. You were a child once. And the way you were raised and that you guys gave your hearts to Christ and now God’s using you to do that for others and for your own child and you know, we always say, we’re building the kingdom. Our children were growing disciples. We’re raising disciples and it may seem mundane but it’s… Who else do you get to spend 18-20 years with? Teaching about the Lord and loving on them and showing them through example and through Word. God is. We don’t get many of those relationships in this world but God blesses us with children to do that.

[Katie] That’s true, that’s true.

[Aaron] And that’s not a small thing. The world says it’s a small thing ’cause they get in the way of the big things, right. Just like the disciples were like, get the children away. Jesus is doing his ministry. And Jesus like, “Whoa, whoa, let the children come to me.”

[Jennifer] So I just wanna add too just as an encouragement for all the people listening that perspective is a huge thing. If you see, you know, your day in and day out with your children mundane or your job or whatever it is that you do on daily basis. It will fill that way in your heart but if you have eyes too see it as an extraordinary thing. And this is our encouragement to you today, is if you see it as an extraordinary thing, then you’ll be able to kind of receive and given those moments in a different way because your perspective is different.

[Katie] So true.

[Aaron] It makes me think of… Just while we’re talking about our perspective. When we realized that everything we’re doing is a spiritual thing. As the Bible says, “it’s not a battle “against flesh and blood. “But against the principalities “and the spiritual realm.” The things that we’re doing no matter how ordinary or boring they think, they are spiritual things. So how we’re raising our children. The things we say. The things we do, where we go. All of it, they’re spiritual things. So when we recognize that. We’re spiritual creatures doing spiritual things in this world. It makes those ordinary things much more extraordinary ’cause these are gonna have eternal impact. These things we do.

[Jennifer] There’s purpose behind it.

[Aaron] Yeah, there’s purpose behind it. And so it might not match what the world says is valuable or purposeful. You know like saving the planet, right. But we know what’s gonna happen to the planet. How God’s gonna change that. Doesn’t mean we don’t be good stewards of the planet but what the world says is extraordinary is temporary.

[Sean] Definitely.

[Aaron] And what God says extraordinary is eternal.


You know.

[Jennifer] That’s good.

[Aaron] So most often, God’s love is shared through the simplest acts of us saying, “Yes, Lord.” We will do that. What have been some of your favorite yeses to God in your own life?

[Katie] Well, I would say definitely Dashing Dish because when I started Dashing Dish… Well, I was working full time as a nurse. And I went to school five years to be a nurse and it was hard work to get my degree. So we were newly married. I just started my nursing job and Sean said, “Hey, let me create “a little website, you know, just to “a side hobby for you to, you know, “start sharing your recipes and “also your testimonies and devotionals.” So I just it would be a side hobby and about a year in, I realized that God was calling me to something much greater than I thought it would ever be. When we made that decision, it was definitely a hard one to make because of the fact that I did, you know, I just got my first nursing job. I worked so hard to get there. And then I was saying goodbye to it and I was saying yes to God with Dashing Dish. As you can imagine, that was definitely a challenging decision to make. However, I believe that God gave us so many clear confirmations and so many words to, you know, push us in the direction and say, “I’m leading you here. “Don’t be afraid.” However, there still are natural fears that comes in. And when ever we’ve said yes to God in anything in our lives, we can always pull back to these big moments where we’ve said yes and we know that God has come through for us and that single act of obedience has paved the way for so many different times in the last 10 years that we’ve said, “Okay, look at that time that “we were obedient on what God has done.” And now we can be sure that if we’re obedient in these other decisions that has come along the way that God will continue to show himself faithful. And another one was actually with Maddy. I was having a hard time getting pregnant. One of the things that I knew that I knew in my spirit was that I had to slow down if I was gonna get pregnant. I was traveling so much. I was working so hard. I would wake up at six in the morning and work until really almost ’til we went to bed at that time. I never slowed down. And my doctor said, “Hey, you need to just take a vacation.” But I knew deep down that God was speaking to my heart for quite some time to just slow down. And it wasn’t until I rested and I started to say no to a lot of things and put clear boundaries up where I knew God was telling me to. And that wasn’t easy because you know, I turned down a lot of great opportunities and they were all good things but I knew deep down that they weren’t God. When I did that, when I started to just hold back on all of you know, the open doors and I really chose the ones that I knew were from God and said no to the others, that was when I got pregnant. That was just one other instance but gosh, there have been countless that we have made the hard choices to be obedient and some weren’t hard. Some were a little bit easier. But we always knew that the first thing that we had to do was A, seek God and pray together in every decision. And B, follow peace and seek peace and pursue it. And so even if it’s not easy in our natural minds, we always have this heart piece that comes over us when it is God and so anytime we’ve said yes to Him. Yeah. He has been so good to us.

[Sean] That’s true.

[Jennifer] Amen. That was also encouraging.

[Aaron] Sounds a lot like our story even because it’s funny how often, and we’ve seen this in many, many people’s stories. It doesn’t come out of a, hey, I’m gonna go start this big thing and I’m gonna go do this… It’s usually a hey I’m gonna, you know, on the side, I’m gonna try and encourage some people over here. I wanna use this part of my life over here. All while working a full time job. And then all of a sudden, there’s a choice that has to be made. Oh, I have to do this thing over here. Full time now. How God works that way. That was similar to ours where we started Unveiled Wife and it was a side thing. It was exactly the same reason.

[Jennifer] I would describe it as incremental invitations so like you say yes

Oh yeah, I like that.

and then He takes you a little bit further and you say yes and what happens is you build this trust with God like well, I’ve already said yes five time to Him in this direction and He’s asking me to take one more step and I can trust Him. Kinda like you were saying Katie. So I just, I really was encouraged with everything you’ve shared.

[Aaron] And it’s very similar to how the master goes to the servants and the faithful ones that brought an increase with the talents they were given. He says, “You were faithful with little. “Now, I’ll put you over much.” And those incremental invitations, it’s God seeing if we’re gonna be obedient. It’s how we are with our children. You probably experienced this with Maddy. You give them little bits of room to see how they’re gonna respond. Are they gonna honor you? Are they gonna listen to you? So that you can give them more and more over time. And you know, they make mistakes and we do too. Sometimes we don’t… We don’t say yes very well. I know that’s been true in my life.

[Katie] Learning course.

[Aaron] But you know, God’s got in his patience with us. And that’s what’s awesome. And that’s what we wanna encourage those listening is it just takes one yes after another. It doesn’t mean like tomorrow you’re like, well I can’t handle a huge whatever this kind of ministry or that. God’s good. He doesn’t do that. He’s gonna allow you to do what you’re capable of doing. When the spirit distributed gifts. It says it was distributed according to the abilities of those he gave it too. So it’s not according to someone else’s ability that he distributed a gift to you. He distributed according to your ability. I love that. Just the incremental. That was a good incremental invitation.

[Jennifer] So you guys, how long have you been doing Dashing Dish now?

10 years.

Yeah, 10.

[Jennifer] Wow, that’s awesome guys. So cool. Okay so can you explain just for those listening to encourage them in that decision of saying yes to God as God was moving you forward in. Working together on Dashing Dish, how did you two say yes to God? What were some of the elements you said that you prayed together. But can you walk us through what that look like in your marriage?

[Sean] Yeah. I look back and I remember it was an interesting time for me as well. I was doing design work on the side and then I was also, it’s gonna sound completely random. I actually owned four franchises of the ice cream company called Dippin’ Dots.

[Aaron] Nice.

[Sean] It’s so funny looking back. It feels like a dream but…

[Katie] That was just preparing him then to be an entrepreneur.

[Sean] I looked back and there was a lot of steps in that process but ultimately was kinda like my school for business almost. It might learn a lot through that. But during that time I remember, I was at the mall 10 hours a day serving ice cream. Making logos while I didn’t have any customers. I remember, me and Katie we talked about starting a website, starting Dashing Dish and at that same time, I felt like, she was obviously supposed to move on from that and so we prayed about that a lot and then it was almost like with the yasp it was almost like a no as well for me because I felt the Lord prompt in me to finally close the chapter on Dippin’ Dots and move away from that and that’s something… That was something I did for about seven years.


And it was kind of like… It never made any, never made any money but it was like a comfort zone almost and it was really nerve raking for me to step out and so design full time and I remember when we did that, we said yes and we literally closed the door on the chapter and the next week, I had more projects. The next months I had more projects than I could have ever dreamed of.

[Katie] Because my first question of course, well if I leave my nursing job, how are we gonna make money? We did use a practical wisdom. We did seek wise counsel. My dad who is a CFO. We sought wise counsel. We also sat down and say, can we pay for our apartment rent. And could we eat still. We weren’t like totally blind. But after we said yes, we can still eat and we can still have roof over our head, let’s do it and God did. He came through big for us. Took care of us every single time we had needs, they were met.

[Sean] Yeah and as soon as you had quit your job, we obviously didn’t make money with Dashing Dish right away, we didn’t even have the game plan of how we were gonna monetize it and the Lord kept giving us this revelations that this website. I swear the day that you quit your job, I was able to get projects that made up for your income right away.

[Jennifer] That’s so cool.

[Aaron] I just wanna highlight what you just said, the practical wisdom. One thing that we’ve seen that is detrimental in the believer’s life is walking in foolishness. And saying, “Oh God told me to do this.” And then they go. And there’s no counsel. There’s no wisdom. And failure comes. Really quick after that. Sometimes it’s small failures. Sometimes it’s big failure. And God, he’s not a God of chaos. He loves counsel. He loves wisdom for us as believers. That’s one of the gifts he’s given to us and he says in James, “If you lack wisdom to ask for it. “And he’ll give it to us.” And in Proverbs it tells us, it says, “By wise counsel, one wages war.” It talks about counsel and our plans being established. I just wanna highlight that. In saying yes to God, it’s God’s way that we get to say yes. Not our way. And his way is wisdom. He says I have this for you. And one of the ways we know that is for us is that he makes a way for it also. And we find wisdom in other believers that we trust and know that we see good fruit in and they say, hey yeah do this but make sure this is in order. Hey do this but make sure this is in order. So you’re not losing a home or you know, losing cars, or not being able to eat or feed your children.


Right, right.

[Aaron] But you guys did that. You said yes but then the next step was well, let’s figure out how this yes was gonna work.

[Sean] The biggest thing is you have to be you have to teachable. I did a long read through Proverbs. I started ticking out all the scriptures that talk about you know, receiving criticism. Receiving feedback.


Receiving wisdom. Receiving counsel. Being teachable. That’s so important because I think the bible calls you a fool if you’re in love with your own opinion. God will give you the idea right away but there’s obviously practical steps to get there. If you think this is the only way. I don’t know if you’re familiar with the show, Shark Tank.

[Aaron] Oh we love that show.

[Sean] Go on there and then they receive… I would say they don’t receive it but they’re told feedback and they just don’t grasp it or they don’t want to grasp it and a lot of the advice they give is amazing and obviously they’ve been there so sometimes you have to listen to those people.

[Katie] Yeah, and although we didn’t have every step of the plan, we did have a business plan written out of where we had hoped it to take Dashing Dish in the next five years and what not. So we did go through and we did that practical step as well which I believe is wisdom. It’s just having a plan. And then it won’t always look the way of course that we plan it but it is smart to have a game plan and know how you’re gonna pay for things and know how you’re gonna, you know, still eat and put food on the table.

Yeah, totally.

Yeah. One more question on just this wisdom and saying yes to God. So you started Dashing Dish and Sean you were doing designs for it and Katie was writing the content and the videos and… Would you have kept doing it even if you weren’t able to do it full time? Would you have kept being a nurse and Sean kept doing design work on the side and then done this at a different level-

[Jennifer] Or pace.

[Aaron] Or a different pace if that was what God had for you. Would you have kept doing it?

[Katie] If that’s what God had for me, absolutely. And I believe that I would’ve had full and complete peace to do that. And that’s really what was leading me was I had no peace. I’m talking none staying at my nursing job. I actually felt like I went from loving it and I mean it was my dream job. I was a labor and delivery nurse and that was what I dreamed of for so long and yet I felt all this sudden, almost felt like I was trapped in jail and I told John, “I feel like “I can’t run out of there fast enough.” Of course I did the practical thing and I gave them a notice and I did things right. But I felt in my heart like I just needed to run because I felt like this is not where God has me any longer. And I also felt this extreme pull on my heart to minister to these women that I was being connected with. And I just felt this overwhelming pull to say it’s either gonna be this or this. And I knew that I didn’t have time or resources or the grace to do both and so I knew that I knew that I had to make that decision of one way or another. However, like you mentioned, if God has given me the grace to do both, without a doubt, I believe that he would’ve given me peace and the ability to do both and so I don’t think anybody should ever say I feel like God is calling me to do this and then just say, “Oh well that means I can’t do this then.” You have to know for you what the best plan is and what his plan is I should say because I actually do know a ton of women who are doing something similar to what I’m doing where they’re creating recipes and they have a website but they’re still working a full time job. In fact, I know a few of them that are nurses. And I think what an amazing thing that God has given them the grace to do all of that. But like I said, I just knew for us that that was where God is calling.

[Jennifer] So being able to work together on this for the last 10 years, how has it strengthen your marriage? What have you guys experienced or noticed from working together?

[Sean] I would say it’s been obviously really amazing being able to work with my wife every single day. Does it have its challenges? For sure. Like there are certain things that we know that we just can’t work as well maybe together on? I think that’s probably the horrible way to put it. I think the best example is when we do video work or photo work, we both have two totally entirely different visions or styles or ways of working if you will. I take one shot of food and I’m like, “That’s perfect.” She sees something completely different.

[Katie] He’s looking at the composition of the photo and I’m looking at the food. And I’m like “No, the food looks terrible.” And he’s like, “The composition is beautiful.” And I’m like, “No one’s looking at the composition but you.”

[Sean] So we do definitely butt heads sometimes in that area and you know, that’s just… Being creative and being my own boss kind of thing, obviously Kate is her own boss as well but you know, I think I’m not used to having someone else’s vision all the time for something different so I have to take constructive feedback.

[Katie] It’s definitely helped us both expand our communication.

Oh yeah.

Outed out. We have had to put up with like different just guidelines on how we approach each other and how we discuss things. Instead of just shooting things out and saying comments of that looks terrible or just putting things out there. Instead we say okay–

[Sean] Well that doesn’t work.

[Katie] Instead we’ll say, “All right, you know what. “You take over here. “Let’s talk about this later.” And then we come back and we have a sit down conversation. Okay, I don’t think this was a really a great plan for doing it this way. Instead, there have been certain things that we have literally said we’re gonna hire somebody else in instead of working together or maybe you can do that yourself and then I’ll do this myself so I’ve completely taken over pictures for example. I do them myself. And we used to do it together of the food. And then what I do is a great compromise or meet in the middle is I take the pictures. I’ll take a hundred pictures of a recipe. I’ll come to Sean after I’m done and I’ll say, “You choose your favorite.” So he still has a say in it but he’s not standing over me and I’m not standing over him and so that’s kinda how we’ve learned to work together. So sometimes it’s not always easy and it’s not always perfect and clean and seamless and I think sometimes people get that picture of oh, you’re husband and wife team. It must be so… You guys must work together perfectly. And I’m like, “No. “We definitely had some rough edges “that we’ve had to smooth out.” But on the same note, like I said, it really does help us to grow in so many ways. We have become such better listeners. We’ve had so much better like I said communication. And we have to. If we don’t communicate effectively, we will not get anything done and we only have a short window I’m sure like you. Anyone with children really. You have short windows to work and so we don’t have time to sit and go back and forth so we’ve learned to really just delegate, communicate, and also to meet in the middle where we can.

[Jennifer] Yeah, totally. Lots of practice.



[Jennifer] Practicing good communication.

[Aaron] Those that are listening and thinking like how can we do a ministry together. It starts now. Just in your marriage. Learning to communicate well. Learning to be a team well. In your parenting, in your work schedules, in how your home’s organized. And then also how you minister your neighbors and your family and your church, you know, body. And so those things are important to learn now and ask God to teach us. To prepare us for what He has for us. I have one last, two last questions for you. The first one’s this. So in this chapter, we talked about ordinary people doing impactful things for God. Do you know any ordinary couples that have impacted your marriage in an extraordinary way? How did it direct your hearts toward God.


Would love to hear that.

[Katie] Yeah, for sure. We have a few. There have been pastors over the years. Pastors and their wives that have poured in to us. We spend to a lot of marriage conferences. The husband and wife will both speak and really just poured wisdom into us over the years. And you know, that is really impacted our marriage. We’ve learned a lot from doing different marriage conferences and also you guys. Your book. Your website. You guys are just so full of wisdom that God has given you specifically in the area of marriage and so… We’ve benefited from your resources for sure and we also point people back to Unveiled Wife.

Oh, thank you.

We just… We’re so blessed by what you guys are doing and we think it’s so so crucial that if you are married that you are constantly, you know, filling your relationship with wisdom that comes from sound Amen.

[Katie] Because you know, the enemy is definitely attacking marriages and that’s no surprise. But we, in order to stay on guard, we have to constantly filling our marriages with truth. That being said, we also have a few different couples in our lives. One being my older sister and brother-in-law who are so blessed by the Lord but they don’t just live just blessed. They have poured out God’s generosity in so many lives and one of which in so many lives and one of which is they have opened countless orphanages in India. They actually went on a missions trip there years ago and they found that there were children. Our children’s age. Young kids. Walking the streets and they… My brother-in-law, Phil, said to the leader, “What are those kids doing over there? “Where’s their home? “Or is there an orphanage? “Or anywhere for them to stay?” And they said no. There’s nowhere. There’s no orphanage, nothing. So they actually built and opened multiple orphanages where children can not only be you know, sheltered but also fed and taught the Word of God. So that’s just one small example of how they have sown generosity. And so they encourage us so much to really look for ways that we can use not just our finances, but our time, our talents, our resources that God has given us.

[Aaron] Love that.

[Jennifer] To pour back out. Because you know, this isn’t about us. And it’s not all for us. God has given us gifts and just like you were saying Aaron. It may look to some, oh I don’t have a platform. What gifts do I have? No, every single person has gift. If you’re an encourager and you find that you love to encourage people, that’s a gift that God has given you. Not everyone can do that. So you know, call someone. Write a letter and encourage them. You don’t know how it could literally change a whole life. Whatever gift God has given you, seek it out and seek to sharpen it and to really hone in on that and pour back out into others using that gift. Also our time. It’s a precious resource and we all have the same amount of time in a day yet it seems like it’s getting thinner and thinner in our culture today. So really giving of our time is an offering to God. Also finances. Even if it’s just in a small way. Really seek the Lord in ways that you can bless people in your community with what He’s given you. So Sara and Phil are definitely a huge encouraging just resourcing and couple watching them how they are so generous with God, what God has given them.

[Aaron] That’s an awesome testimony.

[Jennifer] Yeah, before Aaron ask the last question, I wanna challenge our listeners to consider the people in their lives who are ordinary people doing extraordinary things the way that those people have impacted their marriage. If you even wanna share with them how they’ve impacted your marriage, I really feel like it would bless them so.

That’d be awesome.

That’s a little. Little side challenge for you listening.

[Aaron] So last question. In your own words, what is a marriage after God?

[Sean] Hmm. Well I think that the best way to demonstrate that is to you know, be a reflection of Christ to everyone around you. of Christ to everyone around you. I think we tried to–

[Aaron] Amen.

[Sean] Show it to the world through social media but it’s the people that are in your day to day to lives that see you know, your forgiveness, your humility or you know, encouragement. Just every single thing that you can do with your wife that would exalt God in some way is a marriage after God. I feel like, you know, me taking the time to speak Katie’s love languages even though… I was gonna say this earlier. I didn’t get a chance but our love language are completely flip flopped and–

[Katie] Opposite.

[Jennifer] And if you don’t know what love languages are, definitely check them out. It’s a great little quiz to take. To find out how to speak love to yourselves.

[Sean] But I think just dreaming and vision. You know, doing vision planning and things for the future and really seeking each other’s hearts and obviously chasing after God together is I mean that’s my definition of marriage after God.

[Katie] Years ago in Hawaii, we went on a trip before we had Maddy. We wrote out a marriage, a vision statement for our marriage and the very first sentence is to reflect Christ to the world around us through and then we go through different ways to do that forgiveness, prayer, and just different things.


Honesty. That we specifically him pointed of ways that we wanted to reflect Christ and we don’t do it perfectly. In fact, we work out a few days a week at a gym. It’s like a group class. I said something so Sean. We’re just having a personal conversation and then I must have hurt his feelings or disrespected him in some way that he thought. And I didn’t even know I did. He ended up leaving our group ’cause we had a group of three people walking out, walking to a different group. And I thought, what just happened? And so we got in the car after. And I didn’t say a word. And I said, “What happened there?” And he said, “You know, you made me feel terrible.” And I said, “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry.” I said, “But you probably shouldn’t “have left our group of three. “Everyone knows that we’re Christians and” I said, “We need to reflect Christ.” They all know that we’re believers. And that’s what really matters. And he said, “You’re right.” And so, you know, it doesn’t mean we’re perfect. It doesn’t mean that we never fight or we never do things that are silly or outside of God’s will but at the end of the day what really matter is that the world around us sees Christ in our day to day lives. And that even Goes for our children. So I think that that’s really the most important thing to us.

[Jennifer] Awesome. Well, thank you guys so much and amen. That was,


an awesome wrap up to this interview. Thank you guys so much for sharing your wisdom and your story with us and just being willing to be transparent and encouraging. And you guys are doing some awesome work. Just again, let everyone know where they can find you guys.

[Katie] Yeah, you can head over to We also have an app in addition to our website so you can check that out in the App Store.

[Jennifer] Awesome and I just wanna encourage everyone to go check them out. And to follow along. They have some awesome resources like you mentioned earlier. Recipes and you have a whole workout system. You have all kinds of things that would benefit a couple. So go check them out and also, we also wrap up every episode with a prayer so we just would like to encourage everyone to join us. But thank you again, you guys, for coming on here today and sharing all this.

You guys have been a huge blessing.

Thank you.

Thank you for having us.

[Katie] Yeah, we feel the same about you and we were truly honored to be a part of your podcast today. Thank you so much for having us.

Thank you guys.

Awesome, okay. Go ahead and pray Aaron.

[Aaron] Dear Lord. Thank you for using ordinary people to do such extraordinary things in this world. It is only by your power that we are able to say yes with courage and do all that you ask us to do. We pray we would be quick to say yes to you and trust you to help us. No matter what you invite us to do, may we never forget or neglect to do the things you have already commanded us to do in your Word. Help us to be faithful and obedient people. We pray our marriages would be used to allow you to make an impact in this world and to draw people’s hearts closer to yours. We pray our marriages would be a gift to you blessing your name. We pray our marriages would reflect your amazing love. We pray for an extraordinary marriage and we ask you to use us in extraordinary ways for your namesake. May you be glorified through us. In Jesus’ name, amen.

[Jennifer] Amen.



[Aaron] All right guys, thank you so much for joining us on this week’s episode. We have how many, three more? Two more episodes coming up. This is chapter 14. We have two more coming up. So stay tuned. And we’re almost done with this. And if you have not yet done it, go pick up a copy of Marriage After God. and that’s where you’ll get it. Thank you so much. See you next week.

[Man] Did you enjoy today’s show? If you did, it would mean the world to us if you could leave us a review on iTunes. Also, if you’re interested, you can find many more encouraging stories and resources at And let us help you cultivate an extraordinary marriage.

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