One Move That Will Make You Happy You Are Married

We were checking out at Costco. Everything about that store is massive and it requires quite a bit of energy to get through it with a toddler and an infant begging for your attention. We only needed a few necessities, so we made our way quickly to the checkout.

I had finished placing the last item on the conveyor belt. We were next. My husband had just caught up to us after sifting through the peanut isle. I glanced over my shoulder and saw my husband standing about a foot from me. In that moment everything else faded as I focused a split second on only him…and I thought to myself…

happy-to-be-marriedI love you!

I slid my right foot next to my husband’s foot, tucked my arm under his and wrapped it over his. I laid my head against his upper arm and gave a little squeeze. I could feel him flex his arm a little too.

I looked up and saw my husband looking toward the checker as she began to ring our stuff. Then he looked my way and I didn’t hesitate to reach up and give him a kiss.

It all happened so quick. I felt like I blinked and we were already heading out the door talking about what we would have for lunch.

For that split second we stood close together I was reassured of the security I have in my husband. He loves me, he loves to shop with me, he loves our children, he loves me. This moment didn’t happen by chance, but rather it was something that occurred because…

I chose to take a step.

We could have continued on without that moment of closeness. We could have carried on like normal, checking out and loading the car before our energy was spent. We could have missed an opportunity to reassure our love for one another. In fact, I’m sure that happens more often than not…but not today.

Today I made a choice to stop and acknowledge my husband’s presence. Amidst the busy bustle of the store and our aim to check off our to-do list, I took a step toward my husband and I embraced him.

This one move, taking a step toward my husband and embracing him, makes me happy to be married. To know that I have a best friend who I can depend on, who trusts me, who loves me, is one of the most incredible feelings in the world.

If I can encourage you today, I would hope this story inspires you to take a step of faith, a step toward your husband and embrace him. It will light up your day!

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