Obnoxiously Loud & Frustrated

If you are like me, you have not mastered the art of graceful communication.  In fact, your techniques are a little rough around the edges.  Don’t fret; there is still hope for you and me… it is just a process that may take a little while longer to perfect.

Communicating with my husband can often times lead to unnecessary arguments.  Let me explain.

Earlier this week, my husband and I were carpooling to work.  Eager to catch up on my sleep I tucked myself in for the car ride.  About ten minutes into the drive I got irritated by the radio fading in and out.  There seemed to be more static broadcasting than an actual station with audible content.  Anyways I must have only had the conversation with my husband in my head, where I kindly and politely asked him to tune to a different station.  After a few minutes of the static still resounding through the car, I snapped, yelling in a frustrated tone, “Are you even listening to this?”

My husband was caught off guard by my loud and irritated remark, wondering why I did not simply ask him nicer.

When I recalled the events that led up to our frustration I really thought that I did ask him nice the first time, but the truth was that I never verbalized it.  The conversation merely existed in my head.

This is not the first time an argument has erupted because of my lack of clear communication… and I am sure it won’t be the last.  However, I am working on catching myself when it happens so that I do not lash out in frustration.

Can you relate to what I struggle with in communication?



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