Neon Lies – Don’t Call The Number, Call On God!

My husband and I were driving home the other night and as we passed by billboards that stood high above ground, there was one that made me nauseous. The advertisement simply read:

Fast divorce and bankruptcy… call this number!”

My heart sank in my chest from the weight of a burden I felt for all the people who see that billboard on a daily basis. I am aware that there are circumstances that lead people to one or both of these routes, but I find it disgusting how our society flaunts these two options as a quick way to make your life better. Such a lie!

The mentality adopted in this generation is clearly a self-centered one.

We need to be satisfied fast and easy, whatever it takes.

This is a conceited approach to life that deceives us with its temporary gratifying consumptions. The truth is that there is nothing fast about a divorce or bankruptcy, even after the process is complete, affects of such a tragedy linger.

I found myself immediately praying against the lies leading people to divorce and bankruptcy. I prayed that people would not be tempted by the sign to choose either option before exhausting their efforts to reconcile their marriage and/or their finances.  I prayed that people would not be deceived into thinking these temporary fixes would be fast or easy.Neon-Lies---Don't-Call-The-Number,-Call-On-God!

We need to stop believing lies and instead be quick to call upon God!

We have a responsibility to be good stewards of what God has given us, whether it is our spouse, our finances, our home, our children, our knowledge, or our possessions. (1 Peter 4:10)

We are accountable. 

Let us be a light in a dark world by finding joy in our relationships, despite their hardships, and finding freedom in finances by not accumulating debt. Let us be content in God and satisfied with the good things He has given us.  Let us fight for our marriages, in faith that better days are ahead. Let us live below our means so we can leave an inheritance for our children and give more to others in need. Let us live according to a Heavenly calling, so that when people see the difference in us compared to the world they will ask us: WHY?

Then, let us share the light of the gospel with them.

We have advertisements thrown at us all day, everyday; billboards line the roads, commercials steal the screen, ads clump up and clutter what we view online and all kinds of plugs plug up our mailboxes. Let us be reminded every time we see one of these to thank God for what we have and pray for marriages & finances!

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