My Husband Doesn’t Understand Me

There are times that my husband doesn’t understand me.  In those moments I am overwhelmed with frustration. My emotions range from wanting to scream at the top of my lungs to grabbing the car keys and leaving to blow off some burning steam.  I hate it when I feel misunderstood.  I hate it when we argue.

Just recently this happened.  I said something, a bit of an opinion/observation and my husband did not respond as I expected him to.  One word led to the next and we guided ourselves right into a heated argument…a really heated argument.  The worst part of it was not just that I thought my husband didn’t understand me, but that what I originally said to him made him upset.

I believed I was justified, therefore I couldn’t see from my husband’s perspective  that I don’t understand him as he wrestled to explain his hurt feelings.

Arguments happen when two people passionately defend themselves.

That is all we were doing…defending ourselves.  What we needed to do was defend and protect our marriage.  We needed to humble ourselves and take into account each other’s feelings as well as responsibility for our words.  We needed to take a moment to try and understand each other.

Reconciliation did come for us, but for many it is only a hope, a longing that sits in the distance like a mirage.  Not that it is unattainable, but rather some husbands and wives refuse to try an understand each other.

I want to challenge you today.  If you read the title of this article “My Husband Doesn’t Understand Me” immediately agreeing with that statement and feeling justified in your stance in marriage, I challenge you to take a moment to really understand your husband.  I challenge you to be humble and take responsibility for your actions and your words. Don’t settle for a marriage of misunderstanding, rather seek to clarify issues through communication and prayer!

Dear Lord, I pray for any wife who may feel frustrated by her husband’s lack of understanding. May you help them to seek to understand their husbands and may you bring restoration to their marriages.  Build up their communication skills and remind them to pray for each other often.  I pray that we can be humble, especially in times of arguments and frustrations, seeking to benefit and uplift our husbands in Jesus name AMEN! 

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