My Excuses For Not Being In A Marriage Ministry… And How I Overcame Them

Just about every Wednesday night my husband and I are dedicated to attending the Marriage Ministry at our Church called FUSE.  It is a wonderful time of fellowship with other couples and the goal is to encourage God-centered marriages.  We highly recommend that every husband and wife get involved in a marriage ministry if their church has one! *If it doesn’t… ask if you can start one! ☺

There have been so many great testimonies that have come from FUSE. Marriages being saved, restored, and renewed. It creates an atmosphere of accountability where husbands and wives commit to living Godly lives and it gives ample opportunity to discuss important marriage topics that are otherwise a bit difficult to start up.

FUSE has changed our marriage for the better and it constantly directs our relationship according to God’s word.

If I can be completely honest with you… I do not always feel up to going to FUSE.

I ask myself WHY?

Why would I not want to go if it blesses my marriage so much?

I usually find excuses including:

It takes up too much of my time… can’t I ever have a Wednesday free?
I don’t feel good.
I don’t want to do anything tonight.
I don’t feel like sharing with others.
We are fighting and I’m in a bad mood.
I don’t feel pretty enough.

But that’s all they are… EXCUSES!

What is really happening is God is using FUSE to transform my marriage and God is using my husband and I to encourage the growth of other marriages… and you know who does NOT want any of that to happen… the enemy! That’s right, Satan is prowling around looking for marriages to devour! Of course he is going to do anything he possibly can to keep us from going, especially by attacking my esteem or prompting selfish thoughts! Sometimes I fall for it. Sometimes I am weak and I give-in. But my husband is always there to remind me how important it is that we go consistently! My husband is so encouraging and I am blessed to have a man so willing to nurture our marriage!

If you are attending anything that is encouraging growth in your marriage, and for some reason want to pull away… I hope and pray that you think twice about giving-in! Remember that the enemy is prowling around hoping to get you to stop nurturing your marriage!

If you are not currently attending anything that encourages growth in your marriage, such as a marriage ministry at your church, I hope and pray that you consider going! Find something near you that will nurture your marriage relationship!

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