Motherhood And Marriage


Being a mom has definitely changed the dynamic of my marriage!  It is interesting to see our family grow from a team of two to a team of three.  The blessing is incredible, however being a mom is the most difficult thing I have experienced.  Especially because it has changed my marriage.  Although there have been some great things going on in my relationship with my husband, such as seeing him cuddle with our baby boy… there have also been a few ugly moments that have sought to tear down our relationship.

Recently after giving birth, I realized that our precious baby boy was just beginning to learn about himself and the world around him.  He would do things that I wasn’t use to being around, like peeing all over the wall when I am changing him or spitting up on  his fifth outfit of the day.  As an already exhausted and recovering from the trauma of labor mama, there were times such as these that stirred frustration in me.  Yet because my boy was so little and had no idea the affect he was having on me at those times, I bottled my emotion… until Daddy got home!

I found myself releasing my frustrations out on my husband in the form of responses that were less than the beautiful bride he married!  When God revealed to me my behavior I felt horrible!  I had to apologize to my husband for how I had been treating him.

Learning to go from two to three is challenging, but I know it is going to refine us all the more!  Motherhood and marriage are beautiful… beautiful and hard… beautiful, hard, yet so rewarding!

Today on The Better Mom I share how Being A Mom Has Changed My Marriage! Check it out!

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