Marriage Resolution 2012

New Year’s Eve has always been a joyous celebration in my family.   As kids we tried desperately to stay awake long enough to see the famous ball drop, and if indeed we made it to midnight, my mom encouraged us to bang on pots and pans in a chaotic manner.  More than just the excitement of entering into a New Year, it happens to also be mine, my twin brother, and my 11-year younger brother’s birthday!   I never minded to share my birthday with my siblings, in fact, I have always been proud to know that people all around the world celebrate on my birthday, whether they are all aware or not!

This year I will be turning 26.  Although physically aging is not as fun as I hoped it would be as a child, gaining more years of knowledge and experience increases my maturity, which I am enjoying.  Usually when I ring in the New Year, I dedicate myself to change, along with thousands of others.  I establish a resolution, which I am convinced will make my life better.  Most of my resolutions revolve around self-focused goals, including changing things I consume, exercising for weight loss, having a tight reign on the budget, etc.  However, my perseverance to remain committed to my resolution typically drops drastically between the 3rd -4th week of trying.  Pathetic, I know.

I have decided to challenge myself this New Year, 2012, to a Marriage Resolution.  I love my husband beyond what words could describe, but I also know that there will always be room for more.  I believe there is no full-to-capacity when it comes to love, rather it is an ebb and flow we experience as we give and receive.  I want to dedicate this New Year resolution to bettering my marriage, along with a few other’s-oriented goals.  However, these are not just over zealous declarations that will only last a few weeks… these are life-changing characteristics that I am hoping to attain.  I pray that God would transform me and help me to live these out for the rest of my life and I hope that you will join me!

I resolute to:

–       Love my husband more extravagantly
–       Find creative ways to cherish my husband on a daily basis
–       Initiate intimacy in my marriage more often
–       Look appealing to my husband, even if we don’t have plans or if it’s just  us
–       Learn more how to have a God-centered marriage and apply my findings
–       Spend more quality time with family
–       Keep my phone put away while in the presence of others
–       Find ways to bless my friends
–       Laugh with others more
–       Place more value on my relationships
–       Indulge in random acts of kindness, especially for strangers
–       Smile more

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