Marriage Letters – A Special Letter To My Husband – Things That Infulence Our Marriage

Unveiled Wife Marriage LettersDear Aaron,

The past five and a half years of marriage have been quite extraordinary!  Although we did and will continue to encounter trials and hardships of various kinds, I am so blessed to endure it all with you.  Starting out so young was scary for me.  I had a ton of growing up to do… in many ways I still do.  I want you to know that you have personally and intimately impacted my life in such great ways, life-changing ways that have inspired a transformation in me.  I am so much more confident in who I am, what I believe, and what I am capable of because you have spoken that truth into my life.  Your compliments and your encouragements have enabled me, and blessed me more than I deserve.

There are many things that have influenced our marriage.  God has been the biggest contributor, as I believe He brought us together and daily encourages our relationship.  God is the glue that holds us so tightly together!  Other influences include friendships that have listened to our story and provided advice and prayer when needed.  They walked beside us, affirming us when we thought we were alone.  Our Pastors and their wives have also had a huge hand in helping us build a Christ-centered marriage!  Our parents have encouraged growth in us, first by raising us and also reminding us to stick together in the difficult times.  Marriage Ministry through church where we fellowship with a community of other couples, and marriage books have also influenced our marriage for the better.  The less obvious influences are the strangers we see in union with each other, the husband who baptizes his wife, the couple holding hands walking down the street, the testimonies of redemption and restoration, and the husbands and wives we hear from through Unveiled Wife and Husband RevolutionAs much as all these wonderful influences have touched our marriage, there is no one or no thing that has influenced our marriage as much as you have!

Your Godly character has led us into many different countries doing mission work, into challenges that God commands such as being debt-free, and into a leadership role in Marriage Ministry where we have the privilege to serve side by side.  You are intentional in your decision making process, and I know without any doubt that you submit to the Lord.  I trust your leadership and your faithfulness.  Your wisdom has influenced me and taught me a great deal about our God and how He operates.  Your walk with the Lord has positively affected the growth I have experienced in my personal walk with Him.  I love the theological conversations we have shared, discovering together Biblical truths, and daily worshipping Him.

Thank you for yielding to the Holy Spirit.  Thank you for remaining in faith, trusting in God’s promises, and reminding me of them when I fear.  Thank you for praying over us and over our marriage consistently everyday.  Thank you for serving me in loving-kindness.  Thank you for being patient with me when our intimacy lacks.  Thank you for never giving up hope when times are hard.  Thank you for being transparent with me, being open, and at times emotional.  Thank you for the good gifts you have given to me as a token of your love, and thank you for the effort you have put into being more romantic.  Thank you for forgiving me and trusting in me as your wife.  Thank you for choosing me. 

Thank you for believing in my talent and my potential to lead other women.  Thank you for giving me permission to share our stories in the hopes that other marriages are healed.  Thank you for pushing me to continue with my blog when negative comments shook me up.  Thank you for using your knowledge in web, sacrificing hundreds, if not thousands of hours working alongside me to get Unveiled Wife running.  If I did not have your support and help, I would not be where I am today.

I am an appreciative wife.  I am a blessed wife.

You are my best friend.  You are the closest person to my heart. 

I have such a deep love and respect for you. 

I am beyond excited to be carrying our precious child.  You have given me a beautiful opportunity to be a mother and I am overwhelmed with joy.  I cannot wait to see you holding our beautiful baby in your strong arms.  I have full confidence in you and I know that you are going to be an amazing father.

I love you Aaron!  Forever, for always, you have my whole heart, no matter what!

Love, your wife, Jennifer

I was inspired to write this letter because of Amber and Seth Haines.  As I was visiting Amber’s blog The RunaMuck I stumbled upon Marriage Letters.  I was moved by Amber’s letter to Seth, as well as Marriage Letters posted by other’s who linked to their posts through Amber’s Place.

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