Marriage Is Full Of Hidden Treasures


A gift God has given to each one of us!  We have the opportunity to experience so much in the short span of life we have.   The World is full of treasure to explore, more valuable than gold or silver!  Life was given to you, a priceless gift that has far more worth than one can comprehend.

Have you ever really stopped to smell the roses?

A common phrase we grew up hearing, yet do we take advantage of the bountiful encounters we have every single day to bask in the marvel of God’s creation or the intimate moments shared between friends, children, spouses?

Do you have a favorite color and recognize it’s varying shades?

Can you tell which way the wind is blowing just by the way it brushes across your skin?

Did you ever notice the specks of golden yellow in someone’s eyes?

Have you slowed down long enough to thank God for the interactions with others that you had today, the food you ate, or the majesty in His creative design?

Stop.  Breathe.  Feel the oxygen fill your lungs and watch your chest expand.  Exhale.



Please do not waste the time you have been granted, complaining.  Rather find treasures in your life to be thankful for and experience more.

Thank God for your husband, even if you are finding it difficult to like him or even feel attracted to him.  Thank God for his life and ask God how you can bless him.  Have the courage to hold his hand in yours.  Feel his skin against yours.  Hold it tight, remembering when you first held hands.

Allow your heart to feel again.

It is important that we take advantage of the time we have, especially in our marriages.  For time is short and it goes faster than we think.  Spend time searching the hidden treasures in your marriage.

Stop to smell the roses.  Thank God for all that you have.  Pick the roses and share them as a gift with your husband.  Encourage him to allow his heart to feel, explore and experience more.

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