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Marriage After God is a weekly Christian marriage podcast hosted by Aaron and Jennifer Smith. We are going to share conversations on relevant marriage topics that will inspire couples to chase boldly after God together.

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We finished Our Chicken Coop, and here is what we learned about doing hard things
Season 6 Episode 9

We finished Our Chicken Coop, and here is what we learned about doing hard things

In Today’s episode, we are going to dive into talking about chicken coops – okay, not a KNOW-HOW, but more so what we learned about working together to finish a hard thing.

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We hope that by sharing our little story you can apply any wisdom we gained in hindsight to be a blessing in your marriage. Because we all know we do hard things together. It will inevitably come up…..a DIY project, a job, a ministry opportunity, or just raising kids.

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Does Your Past Baggage Affect Your Present Marriage?
Season 6 Episode 8

Does Your Past Baggage Affect Your Present Marriage?

In this episode of the marriage after god podcast, we discuss the different kinds of baggage we might still be lugging around in our life and marriage. We share personal stories of the types of baggage we still carry and how God is helping us to let go of it all. Our heart for this episode is to shine a light on those things that might be holding us back from a peaceful, joyful, and healthy marriage and a stronger walk with our God! Join us as we see what areas of our life God might want to adjust, heal or eliminate altogether.

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Season 6 Episode 6

God’s Plan vs. Ours

Pornography is all too common these days and sadly it is common even among believers. In this episode, we share How Aaron has been able to walk in freedom from this addiction for more than 6 years now and how you can too. We also talk about how you can help prepare and protect your children from this destructive sin.

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How To Cultivate deep and meaningful friendships
Season 6 Episode 5

How To Cultivate deep and meaningful friendships

We love friendship. And we have had a ton of different friendships over the years. Just thinking about all of the many places in the world we have had the opportunity to cultivate friendships at different times throughout our marriage blows my mind!

It’s like no matter where we have been, and no matter for how long, God provided real friendships – deep friendships. But it was up to us to make the choice to invest in those relationships and what they were like.

With every one of them, it took time – to spend together and get to know. And there seemed always to be a moment of hard that challenged us and gave us the opportunity to press on in love in those friendships.

There were also mistakes made on our part – things we could have done better to love our friends. To make things easier. Just like in marriage, when you are in close proximity to another sometimes there is friction. So we just wanted to touch on today the experiences we have had with friends and their importance.

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