My Interview With Lysa Terkeurst

TheBestYes_largeI have been following Lysa Terkeurst for a few years now. Her transparency inspires me as she writes and teaches from the struggles she has experienced. I had the honor of interviewing Lysa and I am thrilled to be able to share it with you! Although we were separated by a few thousand miles, it felt as if we were in a quaint coffee shop discussing marriage and life together!

Below is the interview! For any who would like more information, I have included a few show notes and resources mentioned in the interview!

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Lysa shares about her new book coming out titled The Best Yes

When describing the content she quotes a passage saying:

When a woman lives with the stress of an overwhelmed schedule she will ache with the sadness of an underwhelmed soul.

When I asked her what her favorite thing about being a wife is, she shared:

Having a friend a partner, a comrade to do this life thing with.

She then tells a personal story of a letter she received from her husband’s grandfather that transformed her marriage. Part of that letter is being placed on a canvas so she can hang it in her home! Lysa said her and her husband are getting more sentimental over the years and most of the art on their walls has something to do with their love story. So beautiful!

In the middle of highlighting her marriage, Lysa takes time to compassionately address the women who may be discouraged by hearing about good marriages, women who want an epic adventure but don’t “like” their husbands right now – women caught in the really hard places in marriage. She wants them to know her vulnerability is an outpouring of her awareness of her own brokenness.

When asked about transparency in marriage Lysa says:

Being transparent is something that had to evolve. It takes time.

Lysa openly shares how she wanted her husband to believe she was an awesome wife, so her insecurities kept her from being transparent. And that vulnerability means accountability and she wasn’t ready for that either. It just took time to learn how to communicate with her husband.

Here is a random “tweetable” that I really loved!

An even great husband makes a really poor God – Lysa TerKeurst

pin-wofWe cannot rely on our husbands for everything, we need to have security knowing God’s role and our husbands’ role.

We switch from marriage topics to Women of Faith! Lysa is on the line-up to speak at some of the Women of Faith events! I have heard her before and she is so inspirational! In addition to great humor, stories, and worship music, she said you can expect an added depth of rich Bible teaching, that will enliven your relationship with God.

When I asked if she could share a sneak-peek about the topic she is speaking on at WOF she included two different messages depending on the city in the tour:

1. “Unrush me”  Which she believes women will hear and say, “Me too! Wow! I need this!”

2. “One Wise Woman” Using wisdom in every decision we make tucking wisdom into the sacred spaces of our life.

Lysa shares a humorous story from one of the WOF events she was at that has to do with Christine Caine and Sponsoring Children through Compassion! Then I wrap up with my favorite question:

If you were sitting at coffee with another wife right now, what is one piece of advice you would share to encourage her on her journey of marriage?

Inside every man there is a punk or a prince, and the one you talk to is the one that will emerge and the one that you encourage is the one that you will live with.

I want my words to my husband to be life-giving. – Lysa Terkeurst

Resources Mentioned In The Video:

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To check for a Women of Faith event near you and register please Check out these two special offers for the Unveiled Wife Community!

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