Are You Looking For Ways To Spice Up Your Marriage?

spice-things-upIt is important that we do not lose sight of the value of marriage.  Just as we tend to other significant priorities in life, we must never abandon our responsibility to tend to our marriage.

I know the demands of life can often times keep you so busy that you don’t have a minute to think of a creative way to spice things up in your marriage…so I am here to help!

Please join me over at The Better Mom where I share 18 Simple Tricks To Spice Up Your Marriage including some of these:

5. Pillow talk! Spend time reminiscing over some of your favorite moments together.

14. Enjoy a date in the shower together.  This will provide some great connection where no phones or televisions are allowed! Being vulnerable with your bodies will be a perfect way to cultivate intimacy in your marriage.

17. Take a brief moment to make eye contact with your husband.  So much of your time can be divided, but let him know he has your heart by making sweet eye contact.

Be sure to read them all the way through – number 18 is a very good one! These ways to spice up your marriage are also great ideas for a Countdown to Christmas for Him!

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