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Recently I had the opportunity to attend WiMS (Women in Ministry Summit) hosted by Logos. It was a one day event where nearly 50 women gathered and encouraged one another in the different passions we all have that ultimately support one goal: Glorifying God!


I felt honored to be among such spiritually mature women of faith. It was great to meet these women, some of whom I have been building friendships with online for years. The above photo is just over half of the women who joined together!

To sit with these women and hear how The Lord is using them effectively to spread the Gospel was enlightening and bolstered my faith. I also had the privilege of hearing Kay Arthur share her story with us. Through her words and conversations throughout the day with others it became apparent of a growing issue that we cannot ignore:

Biblical illiteracy.

It is so important that we know God’s Word and share His Word. Many many people in our world are lacking the understanding of God’s Word. It is a growing issue that I myself am familiar with. As much as I have read through the Bible there is still so much I feel I do not understand…so much I continue to unearth in the pages of His Word.

I believe in the power of the Holy Spirit. I believe people can come to know God even with Biblical illiteracy. However, I also believe, that God has provided resources that help people come to know Him and His Word better, and with access to these we should utilize them as much as we can and combat the issue of Biblical illiteracy as we grow and mature.

During the one day summit Logos was gracious to train us women in how to utilize their software. And it blew me away!

I have known about Logos for several years now, in fact I even own the Logos Software and have it available on my computer to access any time I want. I admit I have struggled with intimidation as I open Logos, unsure of how to navigate it. Yet, with a few simple instructions on how to use the software I am amazed at how effective of a tool it is to study the Bible. And they have an iphone app as well!

Logos is passionate about helping people understand the Bible better and they want make this software more accessible and useable for people. On September 3rd they are hosting a FREE Webinar at 10am PDT where anyone can sign up to watch and see how it works. I highly recommend you set time aside to participate, especially if you desire to grow in your understanding of studying God’s Word.


Register By clicking Here!

Take a look at this short invitation for the Webinar and endorsements from a few others at the WiMS 2014:

You can also like the Facebook event for the Webinar HERE!

One thing that also was brought up to combat Biblical illiteracy was mentorship. If the mature in Christ mentor and walk the younger generation through God’s Word we will be a people who know God well. So I urge you to find someone you can learn alongside and walk through the Bible with.

As iron sharpens iron,
    so one person sharpens another. – Proverbs 27:17

I also would like to share with you that Kay Arthur has a ministry dedicated to teaching people and guiding them in studying God’s Word. I recommend you check out her site and what resources she has to offer by clicking the link below!


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