Living Inspired – My Interview With Tricia Goyer

Living-Inspired-12-23Tricia Goyer is a beautiful and talented woman. She is a wife, mama of six, grandma of two, and a best selling author.  In addition to writing books and articles on her blog, she hosts an online radio show called Living Inspired.

I have had the privilege of being on the contributing team with Tricia at The Better Mom and have recently connected with her when she kindly invited me onto Living Inspired earlier this year.

In this interview Tricia asked me some real and challenging questions.

I started crying as I heard my own heart talk about Unveiled Wife and Wife After God. Although I know how I feel about all that God has done through these two platforms, I have never heard myself talk about them before.  I hope this interview encourages you as it has me, giving you more insight as to why I continue to passionately pursue encouraging wives through writing and speaking!

Thank you Tricia for this amazing opportunity to further share the message of hope God has placed in my heart!

To listen or download this interview can go to Living Inspired (HERE) and on the right side of the page under “Recent Shows” search the podcast that says Jennifer Smith and play or download!

Here is some of what is talked about in this interview:


Marriage challenged my faith.

In my brokenness, God saved me. I realized God never stopped pursuing me.

I sill struggle with unmet expectations! They get in the way of our relationships. Expectations are self-focused.  Marriage is about serving one another.

I had a lot of expectations on God.  I got angry at God as if it was His fault for the conflict I faced in my marriage.

I expressed my anger towards God and towards my husband through avoidance.

I admit I am manipulative. I want my husband to know when I am hurting so I do things to inform him, and I know that is manipulation.

God showed me the importance of having relationships with other women.  He surrounded me with other Christian wives and we shared in community as we talked about scriptures and prayed over each other.  It was beautiful. That is where Wife After God came from!

(I spend time detailing the format of Wife After God.)

The hardest chapter to write was the chapter on Pride and what it looks like in marriage.

One of my favorite compliments is when other women say:

I don’t feel alone anymore.

That is where I was when I started Unveiled Wife…alone! I wanted to be an encouragement for others who felt alone like I did!

I share what it looks like to relinquish to God and let Him work through me…which I mention I have to do everyday!  

I also share how I balance work with family.  Every day starts out with:

How are you going to help me Lord to do what I need to do?

Balance starts with my relationship with God, I submit to Him everyday and it is a testament to His faithfulness.


In the interview Tricia refers to an article I wrote about The Woman At Starbucks here is a link to that article:

To The Woman Crying Behind Me At Starbucks

For more information on the 30 Day Devotional for wives check out:

If this interview encouraged you in some way please share it with another wife you know!

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