Letter To My Husband – You Hold My Heart!

Dear Craig,
My husband, my best friend, my love,

I remember meeting you 12 years ago. I remember that day like it was yesterday, (even if I forgot about sitting on the bench!) I remember going home and telling my mom that I was going to be your wife one day. She laughed at me! I remember sleeping with the vest you let me wear because I was cold. But, even all those years ago, I knew what my heart felt.

We have been through so much together at such a young age, yet, here we are married 6 years. You have owned my heart since I was 16 years old, and you will continue to hold my heart for eternity.

Because of you, I am a better person. Because of you, I strive for more each and every day. Because of you, I feel loved every day. Your excitement for life is such an inspiration to me and those around you! Your happiness radiates from your smile! You have a huge heart that holds all this amazing love for our daughter and me, and I am forever grateful for it.

I believe God chose you for me, and I can’t find the words to thank him enough every day for you. I often find myself reflecting and praying at night for us, our love, and our life. It amazes me that I can say I would not change one thing about my life. My life is whole. My life is whole because of God, YOU, and our beautiful daughter.

Craig, thank you so much for sharing your life, love, and heart with me. I may not always show it the ways I should, but you are my life. This anniversary, I am making a promise to US, to find ways every day to show my love and appreciation for you. I promise to work towards being the wife God wants me to be. I promise to show you love, understanding, appreciation, intimacy, and Godliness each and every day for the rest of my life.

Yours Truly,


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