Letter To My Husband – With These Rings

Dear Aaron,

Wow! We have been through so much in the last few years and especially the last 6-7 months. When I met you at 16, I knew we would be together forever and little did I know but it may have gotten a bit tough! You always said, ” This is no big deal Sarah, just a bump in the road.” This last bump was more like a massive, constant sinking crater and we both came out hurt and scarred but definitely on the other side! We are still here and I am so grateful for God’s grace and for the strength you have holding on to me and our live and our family! Also, I will be forever grateful to you for the way you look at me and see our love and what it is worth and not my faults; even though they are huge! I have never known love like I feel for you now and I now know what it means to love with a God given, Agape love. If you told me today, (and I know you won’t thank God) that you needed your space, I would hurt and grieve but love and cherish and even wait on you as long as it took! You and I are not meant to be alone because we are now only as 1 when we are together! Thank you for loving me babe! I will spend the rest of my life, with the guidance of God most definitely, loving and cherishing you and our relationship! You asked me to re-marry you on Christmas Eve and I have never been so happy or so surprised and on Valentine’s Day I asked you the same thing! Others might think we are crazy because we are already married but I know that this is a new, God-filled and ordained journey in our marriage and relationship and with these rings; we do!! And I do everyday for the rest of my life!!! I love you!!!

Love, Sarah. P.S. you are my best friend and I cannot get you off of my mind!!


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