Letter To My Husband – To My One And Only Forever

Dear Travis,

It has been 16 years to the date, where has the time gone? Our time together has flown by like a twinkle of the eye! Our love has faced the roughest strains that any marriage has encountered and through God we have endured! Our love has gotten stronger with each day since we renewed our vows to each other under God. This last betrayal was by far the worst that ever could have been. We have fought and won battles, both spiritual and physical, that most marriages can’t win. We can and have put the past in the past and now see our future. We are walking the path that God meant for us to walk from the beginning. Each step we each take is in sync and we finally see with the same eyes. We have reached that oneness that each married couple has the opportunity to have! We are of one flesh and fight standing together side by side for one another instead of with one another. I pray to God everyday that I am the Godly Wife that you need and the Godly Mom our Daughter needs. I vow to always love you unconditionally and to hold, honor, cherish, and continue to forsake all others. And daily strive to keep the happiness in our lives. Through God we will have it all. All our needs will be met and all our hearts desires will be fulfilled. And I will love you not just here on Earth, but in the Heavenly Kingdom of our Father for all Eternity! Thank you for loving me.
I love you “To Infinity and Beyond”!

Love Your Wife


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