Letter To My Husband – To MMH On Our First Year Anniversary

My Dear V,
A thousand words a but a few to count the words I want to write about my feelings for you. I made vows to love and honor you till death on the 24th of January, 2013. I choose to stand with you through the mountains and valleys of our lives together. I choose to learn the different ways you express yourself. I choose to share my all with you. I choose to follow your lead. I choose to learn the different languages of love you speak. I choose to pray through celebrations and trials with you kneeling beside me. I choose to be stronger because you are by my side. I choose to bear and bring up our children as the Lord decides to bless us with. I choose to be your pride and joy. I choose to be your wife of noble character and the Proverbs woman that is worth more than rubies. All I ask of you is to stay with me, choose me, pray with me, let us laugh until we cry then hold me close, don’t let me go. Above all. I pray for the grace of God to help us grow in love and faith, May our love blossom through the years of marriage. Amen.

Happy first anniversary my Hero -Vini
From your Muse – Issey


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