Letter To My Husband – Through The Pain

Letter To My Husband – Through The Pain

Dear Brent

Brent as I write this to you I have tears running down my face. Few Men would not only wed but stand by and care for someone who has a disability. Though mine you can’t see. You love me deeper than I ever thought possible. You understand my heart and I understand yours. You make me laugh even when the pain has me in tears. You work FT and are willing to take care of the house and kids when I am bed ridden. You are so gentle, I know and feel God’s love that way. But never fathomed another could love like you. 3 years of bliss, stretching and pain but every day incredible . Such a gift to me and our 4 children. Men of courage and Integrity are rare. You Love and give to others like no man I ever have met. Thanks for all you are, and walking in your relationship with God.


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