Letter To My Husband – The Man Who Was Shown My Heart, Then Chose It

Beloved Brent,
Daily I prayed for you 4 years before we had a first date. Knowing each other from a distance but blind to God’s purpose. There had been such hurt, abuse and woundedness that God brought me through. I am a product of great redemption. God showed you my history, redemption and future. I cried the first week we were married. I would awake thinking you had been a dream but there you were. We have had a tough 3 years of growth but they have been amazing and full of miracles. Starting with a single mom and 2 kids , pregnancy 3 months in loss of a baby, pregnant with twins,different career after 20 years in the same one. All in 1 year. God has brought us through extremes that few can imagine. Yet your heart is bigger, love stronger, my respect and admiration grow daily. Love You 72

Love Your Wife,


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