Letter To My Husband – The Hearts Unchained

Dear Sayed Saeed,

I fail to deny how impressed I am every day with what you do for me, for you and for us. I fail to measure how much gratitude and love I hold in my heart for you. I am amazed every single day by how an amazing person you are. You have given my life a valuable meaning. You are my answered prayer, our boy is another answered prayer, and I know that what we both pray for right now is going to be answered at God’s timing which is going to be perfect for us, no doubt.

You strengthen my faith in God, in you, and in myself. You make me more loving and caring, you make want to do better, you have been changing me into the person I’d never imagined I could be.

I thank God for blessing me with the little family I have with you. I thank God for every struggle and obstacle we get through and overcome together to teach us God’s wisdom.

I love you so much, I always will babe.



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