Letter To My Husband: The Broken Road Journey To Each Other

Dear Andrew,

My sweet husband. You truly are the light of my life. We both walked through some really tough roads to finally find each other. I never thought a love like ours was possible. With the strength in our love and our faith, everything that should have torn us apart, only brought us closer together. We have found a true and genuine love that these days, is almost unheard of. You have taught me so many things. You’ve taught me to trust again, to open my heart, but most of all you’ve brought me back to my faith. There is no greater gift I could ask for than to have a husband that REALLY prays for me. On my downward spiral of anxiety and depression, God let me hear your prayers. He took the words from you and placed them in my heart. I know with our marriage being built on a foundation of faith and God being the center of our marriage that there is not anything we can’t face together. You saved me, love. There is nobody else I want to walk this journey of life with. Thank you for being the spiritual leader of our house. Thank you for showing me the patience and guidance I need when I feel lost. And always know, I will be standing right next to you, ready to guide you when you need it. Marriage is a team effort and I think so far we’ve proven that as long as we stand as a united marital front and keep God and our faith front and center, there is nothing that can come between us. I love you more than you will ever begin to imagine.
Love, Your Wife


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