Letter To My Husband: Quality Over Quantity

Dearest Preston,

I know we seem to be ships in the night with our schedules most days, and because we are still learning how to prioritize our minutes each day, time with each other seems scarce too often.

Know that I am learning, as you are, to count every minute we do get as a blessing. You have always been better at that than me–taking a precious few minutes and appreciating them. I think I help you to make those minutes more quality too–using our precious and fleeting time in the most memory-making, spouse-fulfilling ways.

In our short time married and longer time knowing you, I have learned so much about myself. I find that I am impatient, selfish, needy, and not always a graceful and respectful wife. I tell you now that I see that in myself and acknowledge that only God can fix those parts of me, even if never fully here on earth, in our marriage.

I love you Preston for all you are (even the less pleasant things), and I respect you for all you do (even in your own time and way than my own). I hope my words bless you as much as your life blesses me.

Your wife and Love Bug,
Sarah Maxwell

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