Letter To My Husband – Our Love Has No Borders

Dear Carlos,

Mi Carlitos:

I was there in another country just for a vacation, I wasn’t expecting to meet you, the love of my life. I love you since the very first day and I am proud of you, of everything we have achieved in our relationship. I know it takes a great man to be faithful and committed in our situation, I am so lucky to be your wife and I promise you when God gives us the opportunity to finally live together I will cherish every moment. You are truly my best friend, the love of my life and such an inspiration to me, I will travel to the end of the world just to see you smiling. I cant wait to have beautiful babies with you and teach them what our parents taught us about family, God and love. Even though we grew up in different countries, different language and sometimes I cant find the right way to express myself and emotions. I will always find the way to make you feel my love. Thank you for loving my family, for your unconditionally love, your patience, thank you mi amor for believing in me, for believing in us. I put our relationship in Jesus’ hands, He will lead us the right way. Remember that, even though we are away, my love for you has no BORDERS!! I love you 🙂

Love Your Wife


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