Letter To My Husband – Our Giants That We Face

Dear Mark,

I know that here lately, the fighting has picked up more, but yet out unconditional love has shown through so much! I just want to stop and thank you for everyday being my best friend. You Have been the best husband that anyone could ever ask for. I know that we both still carry baggage, but yet we are both still learning to know how to deal with it. I know that gets hard at times, and both of us just would like to give up. But We both know that God didn’t have that in his plan. I’m sorry that the devil just took me away instead of dealing with our situation that was right in front of us. But God is using that week, to show me how to communicate with you more, to pay attention to the small details, instead of the bigger picture. Such as, worrying about what where we will be in a year, instead of not worrying, and trusting the Lord that the help us through all of this. We will be the stronger couple through letting the lord work through us to help one another out. I know that we both struggle with not lashing out at one another, and im working on being quiet when we are both upset. I am learning how to not hold things that have happened in the past against you. I just want to work through them, thats all. Because if we never deal with the problem before us, then how are we ever going to move on with them, and make sure that they don’t happen again.

Lord, I ask that you watch over my lovely husband. Wrap your arms around him, and let him see that you will prevail against the devil at our weakest time. Lord, we need you in our life. We need you to help us in our marriage each and every day. Lord i ask that you will surround us with Christian couples, that you will help us in learning how to deal with our problems, by talking through them, instead of bickering. We both know that you let us join together, to help make this world a better place, and by bringing others to you. I pray that you will use both of us in the places that you need us the most. Help us to help others in this journey lord. We ask that you will help us with everything that we do lord. We love you. We thank you. We praise you.

Mark Wayne, I love you with my whole heart. I have never wanted to do anything to ever hurt you in any way. But yet I know that you feel the same with hurting me. I know that both of us have not meant to do any damage, but I KNOW that we will work through this. And that we can be in consideration of each other’s thoughts and feelings in every situation. I love you SOOOOO MUCH gorgeous! Now please smile, and know that the devil will attack, when we are our weakest.

I’m praying for you, each and every second of the waking day. I know that I haven’t told you that as much I need to, just know that I am, whether you know it or not.

Love Your Wife,

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