Letter To My Husband – Nothing For Granted

Dear Aaron,

When I was 16 I saw you pull up on your dirt bike and I knew that you were the one I wanted and then 1 year later, I already knew you were the one I would marry. And 6 years after I 1st saw you, I did in fact marry you; the man of my dreams!! 3 kids and 13 years later we almost let our dreams go down the drain! Satan worked very hard to tear us apart and almost succeeded! But you held on to your faith in God and refused to give in. Then when you lost your faith, I regained mine! Now we are on the road to full restoration and have never been more in love with each other! I realize now that we took each other and our love for granted for too long, but with God as our center and our foundation we will not only overcome the tough times, we will be stronger and wiser than the enemy!! I thank God for you and I am proud of the man you have become! I pray that God will mold me into the Godly woman, wife and mother I was meant to be because you and our children deserve it! I promise to love, cherish and stand beside you til death do us part; for real this time and I will never take another second for granted! I love you very much baby!! Love, me!


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