Letter To My Husband – New Love

Dear My Hunny!

The last 2 years have been ups and downs but through it all we kept it together. There have been alot of struggles and arguments and at times we both doubted the future of our relationship. Along the way we have lost a lot, including time with each other. We forgot what was important, and we forgot why were got married in the first place. It was a scary place to be, not knowing what to make a relationship that you have dreamed about for so long. But despite all that we have been through I am proud to say that we have overcome, and we will continue to overcome. As long as we continue to keep God first He will continue to show us how to love each other. It has been a blessing to laugh with you, and enjoy a conversation about anything. It makes my heart happy that we are no longer enemies but we have a new found love for each other. I know its only the beginning of things to come, but I have faith that we will be just fine. You light up my day and its an awesome feeling knowing that you are my best friend (again). I love you more than words can express, or even a picture could display. I count every day as a blessing, and I thank God for His continued blessings for us, its because of HIM that this is all possible. I love you and look forward to our future together.

Love Your Sweetie!!!


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