Letter To My Husband – My One and Only

My dearest hubby, Roger,

I am reminded of Christ’s love everyday though the love I have for you. His love is unfailing, unconditional, selfless, humble, gentle, patient, kind, forgiving, long suffering, and so much more. I am working on being more of those each day so that the love I have for Christ can benefit you more. There are other things I am working on to better myself for the Kingdom of Christ and most of all our marriage. I know we’ve had our up’s and down’s through the past 10 years of marriage, but the love of Christ has truly kept us together and growing stronger. I am so proud of the man you are today, you have grown so much since we were first married. You are such a hard worker and you put so much into your the tasks you have to complete to reach goals. You are such an amazing friend to so many, always pointing them to Christ and what He would do in certain situations. You are so knowledgeable without being a know it all. You are a respectful and wise teacher to those who need guidance. You are not prideful about yourself or things you are blessed with. You are a wonderful son and grandson who always shows love to his family and is always there for them! Most of all, You are truly a romantic and spontaneous husband who loves me with all his heart and life and whose passion to love comes from the Lord.

I will continue to walk along side you as your team mate, best friend, wife, and lover. I will try to encourage you more than bring you down, I will try to be more patient, I will try to be more loving in my actions and my words, and I will most of all always try to keep the Lord #1 in my life and in our married life! I am always here for you to lean on and to be vulnerable with.

You mean more to me than I could ever express to you and I pray that we can continue to grow and love the Lord together forever!
I love you more today than I could ever have imagined and I know it will just keep growing.

All my love,
your wifey


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