Letter To My Husband: My Husband, My Best Friend, My Joy And My Love

Dear Frank,

October 31, 1983 was the day I will regard as being ABSOLUTELY THE BEST and BLESSED DAY OF MY LIFE! God had plans for us to be together from that day forth. Our marriage had struggles, but through the power and help from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we’re conquerors! Our love and respect for each other over the years has abounded and brought us closer together. You are the most amazing, wonderful, loving, kind, compassionate, generous, handsome and sexy (hehe) husband that I thank God for every day of my life! I try my best to express my feelings for you each day through words or deeds. May you feel and understand the depth of my love and appreciation for you! I love you Frank with all my heart!! ❤️

Love, Your Wife


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