Letter To My Husband – My Husband Is My Hero

Dear Casey,

I have been thinking a lot about you tonight and wanted to share some things with you. You have been such a blessing for me. You have always put me first and supported me in everything I have done the past 7 years. I remember many times how you would comfort me during the stress of grad school or the family issues I was struggling with. You were patient with me in the beginning as I learned to trust again. You always make me feel pretty and special. I know how much you love me. I feel it in my heart and can see it in your eyes. If you were here right now you would probably say, “don’t cry beauty” and I would start crying. Just thinking about it is making me have tears right now. I just want you to know how much I love and cherish you honey. I hope you always know that you are first in my life and I hope to always make you proud of me and proud to say, “that’s my wife.” I want to continue to take care of you with all I have till the end of my life. Thank you for choosing me to share your love and life with.

Love Your Wife


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