Letter To My Husband – My Best Friend, My Back Bone, My Love

Dear Anthony,

These past few weeks have not been the sweetest or even smoothest. We’ve definitely had better days/weeks. I know we’re far apart and we could only do so much for each other for the next 8 months that you’re deployed. I want to let you know that even if things are not looking bright, that I have faith that our relationship will get better from this. God told me so. He has His plans and we have ours, but I believe that His takes precedence over anyone’s plans. He definitely has something up His sleeves. I trust that God will make something out of this struggle. For both of us. We both just need to be patient and not give up. Giving up is easy, anyone can do that. But you and me? Nah, we’re better than that. We know all too well that we wouldn’t be where we are today if “giving up” was in our vocabulary. I pray to God each day to give both of us the strength to stay positive and have faith in Him always. That you let God do His work on you. That the Holy Spirit guides you in the right direction and keep a shield on you from the devils ways. I just want to let you know that I love and miss you so much each and everyday. And that I’m learning to be a better person and a better wife. I can’t wait for your return. You are and always have been my dream come true.

Love, Your Wife

New Years Eve Bellagio Las Vegas

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