Letter To My Husband: Marriage Is Worth The Fight

Dear Todd,

The final chapter in Wife After God challenged me to write a love letter to you. I have been thinking and praying about what to write for several weeks now. I am finding it so hard to put words to my feelings for you, but I am going to try.

God says when we get married we are to become one flesh. On our wedding day, I truly felt that happen. It was more than a symbolism, more than just words that we spoke, more than just metal rings on each other’s fingers. I could and can feel God working in our lives, bringing us together to become one.

That day sometimes feels like an eternity ago even though it has only been three years. So much has happened in just three short years. Our life has changed in so many ways. We now have not just one, but three beautiful, amazing children. We have both grown in our faith and walk with Christ. We have experienced loss of family members. We have experienced financial struggles and blessings. We have experienced a shift in career goals. But through all of that I can say that my love for you has deepened. The love I feel for you is so much more than just the butterflies in my stomach, lustful feelings I had when we first started dating (although I still get those too :). It is almost more than words can describe and brings tears (joyful ones) to my eyes just to think about. It is a feeling deep in my soul. A feeling that God has designed us just for each other. A feeling that God has brought us together to love, support, cherish, encourage and guide each other. A feeling of deep commitment, respect, honor and pride in the man that you are. It is a feeling that is so much more than love, a feeling that I don’t think there is even a word for.

Love, Your Wife

(Note from Unveiled Wife: What a beautiful letter this is! I wish we could continue reading what she wrote, however there is only space for so many words and part of this letter was cut off. I am sorry for this. But what has been shared is so extremely powerful. Thank you for sharing!)

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