Letter To My Husband – Love Comes In All Forms

Dear Chris,

Here I am honey! You know how I love writing letters & this time I’m making it public. 🙂 After spending 18 years in an abusive marriage & raising two boys on my own I never thought that I would be in a relationship again. I wasn’t sure if I ever even wanted another relationship /marriage.

When I joined an online dating service I was scared to death on what I would encounter. I love how we can joke now that after you asked for my number that I said..’Ok, and if you turn out to be a pyscho I will just block you’ 🙂 Low & behold you turned out to be the man I thought I would never have in my lifetime. You lovingly, patiently, took the shattered pieces of my life & used your love to glue them back together. How you came in & loved my boys as if they were your own touched my heart like none other.

Our finding each other is a total God thing . I am blessed beyond measure to have you to attend church with, pray with. I am fortunate to have the peace that comes from knowing that we are in this together with our Lord.

I love you for the man you are & the man you are striving to be. I am your biggest fan & prayer warrior. I am looking forward to our journey & all the memories that will be made. As we said from the beginning ‘We got this!’

I so Love You!!
Your Wife (I love hearing you refer to me as such)
Chrissy 🙂


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