Letter To My Husband – Loan #05012013

Letter To My Husband – Loan #05012013

My husband works at a bank so I sent my letter to his work email address with the subject being Loan #05012013 (which was actually the date). I wrote the following:

Mr. Sherrill,

I am contacting you regarding a loan of my heart that originated on February 12, 2005.

Several times over the last eight years I have let other things come before this commitment. Even though important, these things shouldn’t have taken priority over my investment that I committed to.

I am letting you know that as of this first day of May 2013, I want to renew my loan. You have given me your heart and I will repay you with all the love mine will hold.

I will make this relationship top priority and I plan to pay back more than I owe to catch up for the time that I have slacked in the past. I wouldn’t want to jeopardize my relationship with you in any way so I will continue to focus on the things that matter. That thing being you.


Your Bride



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