Letter To My Husband – “To Be” All, Only, Always

Dear Seth,

In exactly 8 months and 7 days we will be married and beginning the greatest journey of our lives. I believe that we met only because of Jesus and His glorious grace and I believe we will remain together because of Jesus and His glorious grace. I have never experienced the joy of knowing another person like I have with you. You are the most caring, thoughtful, giving, genuine, generous man I have ever met and I am overwhelmed that I will be your wife. The love that Christ displays for His church is the same love you give me and you lavish it upon me, I am so undeserving but that never stops you. I am praying now that our marriage reflects Jesus’ love for His church such that others see the Gospel woven throughout the many years we will spend together. Thank you for always pushing me closer to Jesus and teaching me what a close walk with Him looks like. Thank you for pushing me to read Scripture as a whole and then teaching me when I do not understand. Thank you for choosing me to be your wife.

Your All, Only, Always


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