Letter To My Husband – Letter To My Husband- My One In A Minion

Tim, thank you.

Thank you for your kind heart, your constant warm smile, your ability to get through to me when I feel as if I lost myself.
Our first year of marriage is coming to a close and a new year is about to begin. This first year as a united front has been far from easy. We have been tested in every way possible. Your love for me never wavered, it only grew stronger. You blessed my life with a beautiful baby girl who absolutely adores you. She is your twin, but cuter (;

You are my complete opposite but some how we make it work.

I know lately things have been rough, and our past isn’t what we wished it would be, you convinced me to move forward and that was the best choice I ever made. On our anniversary, when we go lay in the grass under the stars like we did when we first fell in love, I can’t wait to share our memories and predict the rest of our lives together.
Thank you for everything, I love you more than minions, and you know I love my minions 🙂

Love, Your Wife


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