Letter To My Husband – I Will Always Be Your Home

Dear Rynhardt, my fiance,

I know we’ve had tough times these last couple of months. In the hard times we are supposed to stick together but we have let things pull us apart. I am sorry for falling into that trap&not always being there for you.
When I see you I dont see the man that you see in the mirror, I see the man that God has chosen you to be, I see a man of great strength for surviving all that he has in a short life time and a man that will one day help others in finding their way.
I pray that you find the peace that you so deserve and the true path to walk, that you realise the monsters in your head dont make you.
I love you with all my heart&thank God eternally for having bought us together. I will stand besides you always & be your strength & your home.

Love Melissa xx

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