Letter To My Husband – I Prayed For You…

Dear Mike,

I prayed for you before I met you, and when I met you I quickly learned that you were far more amazing than anything that I had ever prayed for.

I truly believe that God placed us in each others lives in the midst of everything going on he helped us find each other.

I can tell you that I love you, and after a while it may seem as though it is just a “habit.” But if there is one thing that I want you to truly know in your heart it is that I truly truly love you.

I know as we are navigating this adventure together we are learning every single day to love like God. Because that is what marriage is, it is learning every single day what it is like to love like God, and also to forgive freely.

I can’t imagine adventuring through this life without you, hand in hand.
I am amazed by you, and the incredible man that you are. Your integrity, love, wisdom, forgiving heart, strong and amazing Man of God that you are! I am so proud of you.

Getting married young ( I was 20 and you were 24), has allowed us to grow and we have had this beautiful privilege from God to grow together as husband and wife. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

So I write this letter to you my hubbs, in hopes that it brings a smile to your face and a certainty in your heart that despite our ups and our downs, our wins and our losses, I sincerely love you with all of my heart and I thank God every day for giving me this beautiful blessing to be able to love you for the rest of our lives.

Aside from God, you are the greatest blessing that has ever happened to me!

Because I love you,


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