Letter To My Husband – I Love You More Than You Know

Dear Michael,

“We need peacemaking honesty to have authentic soul integrity.” Honesty goes further than we ever imagined. It is the next layer of “foundation” in our lives (Jesus being the first). I am studying and working on myself to revive our marriage. I have learned so far through this journey that is is no fun without you, you are a major contributor to our family, without you we are not a family, our house is not a home without you, and I miss and love my husband more than I even realized.

I wanted to share with you the one thing that I took to heart this week and it is that when we become “unglued”, its not about the person, it is the sin we dislike. I will try to remmeber that as I walk my new path and learn to treat others the way that I desire to be treated.

Love Your Wife,


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