Letter To My Husband – I Hope One Day You Will Open Your Inbox And Read My Letter

Dear my husband Victor,

I wish one day you can open this inbox and replay my massage. I miss u so much. Every night I always beg to our God to give you healthiness and Spirit. So we can take care our beloved son Nicholas. I am very happy when decided to marry you and know that I was pregnant. I was a very fantastic moment in my life. I still remember when you came from the office and brought many can of milk for our baby. You were so happy and I could see from eyes that you had many dreams with Nicholas. I have many dreams with you and Nicho. I wish one day we can gather in a house and I do my job as
a housewife and you will work. Every afternoon we will wait for you at home with delicious food on the table. And after dinner you will play with Nicho and teach him how to create some models…I know you are good at it. Dear my husband victor, I don’t know what our God plans for us and I don’t know either the future of our marriage but the one I know is one day our dream will come true. My husband, do know that I love you so much and we know that you love us soooooo much. You will give us everything. I wish our God feels pity on us and He will change his mind and He will cure you. I always wait for you here. I miss your hug and kiss like you did every night to me. I love you Victor and I hope one day you and I can open this inbox together and you replay it to me.

Love, Your Wife

my bday 19 june 2014

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