Letter To My Husband – I Finally Found You My Love

Dear Bryan,

My mind can’t comprehend the love you have for me. How you would do anything for me. I’ve never been so in love before. I can’t even imagine being with anyone else. I know so many have told us we are too young to get married, that the odds are against us, but I don’t believe that. If God is in favor of us than who can come against us? I love you and I have never felt so sincere saying those words to a man. When I’m not with you, I anticipate the moment I’ll finally be able to embrace you and when I am with you I dread the moment you have to go. Especially now that we’re farther away from each other, but I feel like everything that happens, no matter how hard only strengthens us as a couple. You’re not only my fiancee and my future husband, but my best friend. I love you!

Love Your Wife,


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