Letter To My Husband – High School Sweet Heart

Dear Levi,

I still remember the day like it was yesterday 12 years ago we were just kids, didn’t know any better and fell in love. I always dreamed of being your wife one day writing throughout my journals future “Mrs. Aitken.” You take my hand through the darkness and carry me through. Your bad boy, good heart attitude attracted me right away, swept me off my feet. The love I had for you at fifteen still carries me through the dark days. The trying times the hard years and the great ones you have always provided us with the best you could. We love you and your my hero and always will be. You will always be my best friend we laugh together like were still teenagers. I hope our daughters one day meet a man as great as their father. Wrapped in your comforting arms is where I will always be. Forever Yours. I don’t need a lot of anything just a little bit of everything <3


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