Letter To My Husband – God’s Plan

Mr. Brooks,

First I want to start by saying Thank you, thank you for being you. In the beginning since the night I laid eyes on you, wow I was struck! The look in your eyes had me so mezmerized, I knew right then you were not the average cup of coffee. I had to make my way to you, I needed to know who you were. Fell in love at first sight, you showed me what that meant. You are my answered prayer, the tears that I shed to God at night when I laid in bed. I was tired of being treated like a toy, tired of men using and abusing me. God heard me, and he knew he had the perfect man for me; YOU!!

He knew that you were not only perfect for me but perfect for my daughter, now your step daughter. I love how you and my (our) daughter have such a bond. She looks at you and loves you so much it melts my heart. Robert my love, thank you for sharing seven years of ups and downs, trial and tribulation. God knew what he was doing when he gave me you! One year of marriage so far, and a lifetime forever we will be. July 2007 was the start of my new life, a life full of LOVE and STRENGTH. I am so very BLESSED to have you and my daughter, the two of you are my reason for living. Everyday feels like the first day, you still give me butterflies and make me smile ear to ear.

With each heartache we have, we always grow stronger in love. I love the fact that it took 6 years before we got married, of course because we are serious about marriage and our faithfulness to God. Six years was worth the wait, as we have traveled many roads of bumps and curves, along with straight and smooth; those roads traveled have only built us STRONG TOGETHER so we may defeat all enemies that will try to attack our LOVE. Again God knows what he is doing still just like he knew what he was doing when he set up for us to meet, even though it wasn’t the best place to meet the love of your life. God knew then and he knows now. ROBERT LEE BROOKS JR. you inspire me to grow stonger in love!!

Love, Your Wife

Wedding pic!!

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