Letter To My Husband: God’s Gift

Dear Cody,

My Love.
First and foremost, Thank you. Thank you for allowing me to be broken. For excepting me and all my pieces. All my baggage and insecurities. All my highs and lows and all my messes. Before I met you, I knew what I wanted. A man who “treated me like a princess.” I searched. Being let down by every forced attempt. I started to hit rock bottom. Losing everything. Battling over an infertility diagnosis alone. Having to move back home after losing my job, my place to live. Not feeling very welcomed by my own family at the time. It all made me feel hopeless and impossible to love in that condition. All this time while searching for “Charming” to fill this void in my heart I began to feel even more empty inside. The Lord on high was listening to every tear I cried. He saw my hurt & heard my secret prayers, sat next to me in my loneliness.

He was preparing you for me and me for you. Had I only thought to trust in God for something as important as a life long partner. Someone who I told myself didn’t exist. You just showed up. From nowhere. You’ve shown me more love and devotion than any Prince Charming ever could. You’ve shown me Christ’s love. You’ve shown me the love of The true King. You have shown me forgiveness, compassion, grace and loyalty. I’ve laughed more with you than anyone ever! You’ve shown me that being dependent on God is only scary when we choose not to trust. Just like we have trust. Being vulnerable with You was terrifying; until you showed me that being vulnerable with God is all that matters. The rest follows and God never fails. I know He doesn’t. He sent me you. He gave me the greatest gift on earth in you. My best friend, my soul, my other half. Through all my doubt and faithless self pity, God loved ME! He gave me the gift of Christ’s love living through you. He showed me through you what really having faith means. In good times and bad. Thank you my sweet Husband for sharing this journey with me, and always choosing me, over and over.
– Jo

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