Letter To My Husband: God’s Amazing Artwork

Dear Austin, My Amazing Husband,

For the past 30 days I have been reading a devotional that has opened my eyes. It has helped me realize that the marriage I have with you is an amazing gift that Christ has given us. That YOU are an amazing gift that God has given to me. You make me be a better person. You push me to be so much more than what I think I can be. You have given me everything I have ever dreamed of and more! Do we have the perfect marriage? Maybe not, but to me it is. It is perfect for me.

We have had our ups and downs in our 32 years of life, even more so than the average person experiences in a lifetime, yet here we stand. It was obvious God had an amazing plan for us! It is exactly like Pastor Steve said at Isaac’s funeral that life is like the rugs they make in Israel. When you look at it from the bottom it is nothing but knots of chaos, yet when the rug is brought down it is a beautiful canvas of art. That is what God sees! We see the chaos around us. The mess of knots that surround us from our lives, but when all those decisions and all that chaos comes together it is a beautiful piece of artwork He has created from the chaos. I will never forget that. The chaos of our lives brought us together and formed an amazing piece of artwork, our family and our life together.

Can you believe that 17 years ago we were dating?! Would you have imagined then that we would be standing here today? That we would be married and have 3 kids?! I know I wouldn’t have. All I could see at that time was a cute teenaged blue eyed boy who I was head over heels for! That boy that stole my heart and still holds it to this day.

I fall for you more and more every day. I still feel that same flutter in my heart that I felt when I was a 14 year old girl. I still look at you as my hero and my knight in shining armor. Thank you for being a great Christian leader! Thank you for being a good father! Thank you for being the amazing husband that you are!
Love Your Wife

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