Letter To My Husband – God Blessed A Mess Fareal!!

My Dearest Husband,

When I said yes the day you ask me to marry you, I had no idea how I was going to fulfill that position, all I knew was God promised me a family, He promised me you. We just entered into our 2nd year of marriage and 4yrs together total. I have to tell you that these have been the most awesome years for me. Even that 1st month after we married when we were at each other’s neck 🙂 . I’ve learned to pick and choose my battles with you. That there are so many dimensions of who you are. That even when I’m mad at you…. I still have a friend in you to fight for, a brother in Christ in you to fight for, a husband in you to fight for. See I have more than one reason to fight for you. I truly love you. I adore you. You have opened my eyes to so many new things. You have added to my life, not taking from my life. You have evolved into a new man, a man that I always dreamed of as a little girl. The guy I imagined while listening to love songs. You are my dream come true. You’re perfect for me. You’re the right amount of strong for me and the perfect amount of sensitive for me. Everything has not been perfect. Even times when it hurt. But us getting through those tough times demonstrated our love for God and each other. Ok ok I’m not trying to sound cheesy… I guess what I’m trying to simply say is I LOVE YOU BABE.

Love always your ivy hushbond aka boop aka your GOOD THING

Walking in faith

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