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We drink waters out of our own cistern of pure marriage relationship and fresh running waters out of our own well. (Prov 5:15) May God have all the glory as He sees your commitment to this family that He has trusted you to lead. I am so blessed and grateful to say I am your wife. I didn’t see Him, but God was there orchestrating our introduction that horrible Christmas night four years ago. I cant wait to see you again this Christmas. Husband, thank you for acknowledging me as your crowning joy, a virtuous and worthy wife, earnest and strong in character. (Prov 12:4). Im so in love with you. My heart fills with joy knowing God’s graces and strength help us stand through the demands of our careers and outside influences. God is so pleased with your obedience to love me, your wife. I hope its not selfish to say its not enough. Fighting for our country is a hard job, I know. But, nine months of video calls, letters, gifts, emails, flowers, even the daily chats ‘ain’t doin it’ for me anymore. I need your everything home with me. I truly love and miss you.

Love waiting on the beach in Hawaii, Your Wife Thesia

Fountain of Love

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